Behind The Lens Of VMAs


MAstudios was created in April 2012 when Vanessa and Aaron had enough frustration with their “corporate” jobs. Having always taking the “safe” road, with the support of each-other they dove into what they truly loved and had passion for; Photography.

Who is Aaron?

Name: Aaron Lurie   Age:35   Birth Date: April 21st   Title: Owner/Photographer

Aaron is the vision behind VMAs. With out his talent VMAstudios would not be what it is today. He can see the beauty in a puddle after a rain storm, and create a reflection of his subject in it. Since 2012 his talent has grown to the photos you see today.

Fun Facts About Aaron

Extremely Social

Loves to Sing

Can’t Spell (goes to Vanessa for Help)

Can Run on 2hrs of Sleep

Who is Vanessa?

Name: Vanessa Lurie   Age:??(not telling)   Birth Date: July 10th   Title: HBIC (head bitch in charge (sorry for cursing)

Vanessa is the one who runs everything behind the camera (figuratively saying). You might not see her too often but is she busy keeping track of clients, keeping Aaron on his toes, designing all the beautiful albums & books, scheduling all of their wonderful photographers/videographers, just to name a few things. 

Fun Facts About Vanessa

Loves Coffee

Hates Having Her Picture Taken

Not a Fan of the Phone

Loves Her Family

Who is Erica?

Name: Erica Sullivan   Age: 21   Birth Date: February 9th   Title: Studio Manger

Erica is currently going to school at FAU (only 1 year left) and working part time with VMAs. She started with VMAS as an intern and now is our outstanding Studio Manger. She helps with so much, such as assisting at events, creating ads, having meeting with our new clients, and also helps our clients select photos for their albums; just to name a few things. She has been such an amazing addition to our VMA family.

Fun Facts About Erica

Is a Vegan

Volunteers @ an Animal Shelter

Very Friendly

Loves Fashion & Music