VMA’s Primary Photographers

(Weddings, Mitzvahs, Events)


I’ve shot hundreds of portrait sessions, dozens of weddings and events, and all sorts of stuff in between. I’m a pretty calm and relaxed guy, but I happily step up to take charge and give direction when the time is right. If there’s one thing my clients say about me across the board, it’s that I give my all to deliver the best experience possible from our very first meeting all the way through to the delivery of your final images.

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 My passion is providing my clients with the highest quality service. Your satisfaction is second to none! I look forward to working with you, and I know you’ll LOVE the results!  

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VMA’s Specialty Photographers

(Baby Portraits)


Out of all our photographers KK is our most bubbly and outgoing photographer. She doesn’t just make all the babies feel secure but she puts our parents at ease with how gentle and calm she is with each and every baby. She understands how precious your little one is too you and makes the whole experiences as fun and easy as possible. So be prepared to be hugged when you walk to our studio.

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VMA’s Graphic Designer


James is very talented at his trait. He can make your child appear any where you want them, whether it’s in New York or on the moon, he can make it happen. The possibility’s or what you come up with. 



VMA’s Interns/Assistants 

(Assist the Primary Photographer)


Erica is an aspiring photographer and graphic designer. She is hard working and ambitious. Erica enjoys working together with her two fantastic bosses/mentors, Aaron and Vanessa which have taught her everything she knows today. Also, according to the clients that worked with Erica they mentioned that she is really friendly and kind. Erica volunteers at her local animal shelter when she isn’t in the studio and occasionally goes for a coffee at Starbucks. Erica is a vegan and tries to do good for the environment. She is a big fan of apple products and loves eating noodles. In her down time Erica enjoys music and fashion more than the average person. However she keeps herself grounded by regularly working out her self improvement muscles.